13 December 2016


Hi folks Currently at the sky u will find supermoon
If you miss this supermoon you will get another supermoon after 18 years i.e. November 25, 2034. so watch the moon as soon as possible.

What Is Supermoon

    When Moon gets closure towards Earth it will bright as before it was. A #supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the bigger apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth. The technical name is the perigee-syzygy of the Earth–Moon–Sun system.

When superMoon

Current  Supermoon season will be on December 13, 2016 to December 15,2016. The Supermoon on November 14, 2016, was the closest since January 26, 1948. The next time a Full Moon is even closer to Earth will be on November 25, 2034 (dates based on UTC time)

Why Supermoon

Richard Nolle has defined a supermoon as: … a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit. That's a pretty generous definition, which is why there are so many supermoons

15 December 2015

All About Microsoft Mathematics..

      Microsoft Mathematics is one of the best tool for engineering students , and science students. it is very helpful for school students for solving mathematical problems related to algebra , trigonometry,triangles, matrices,circles,geometry,all kind of unit conversions also possible with amazing tool. just try it make maths simple.. 

    Microsoft Mathematics provides a graphing calculator that plots in 2D and 3D, step-by-step equation solving, and useful tools to help students with math and science studies.  

    Microsoft Mathematics includes a full-featured graphing calculator that’s designed to work just like a handheld calculator. Additional math tools help you evaluate triangles, convert from one system of units to another, and solve systems of equations.

    Microsoft Mathematics (formerly Microsoft Math) is a freely downloadable educational program, designed for Microsoft Windows, that allows users to solve math and science problems. Developed and maintained by Microsoft, it is primarily targeted at students as a learning tool.
    A related freeware add-in, called Microsoft Mathematics Add-In for Word and OneNote, is also available from Microsoft that offers comparable functionality (Word 2007 or higher is required)
    Microsoft Math has received 2008 Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning Magazine

27 October 2015




Click Here For Pahani 


 Click Here For 1-B


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26 October 2015

Create a QR Code For WiFi Login (Android Only)

Hi Folks...Here ,I will show how to create a QR code for WiFi Login.its only works with Android based Mobiles.  if you want to share your WiFi Access to Your Neighbors Just access them to scan QR code instead of forwarding your WiFi Credentials. like SSID, Password,ACCESS PIN etc.This is an easy method to share your WiFi With your friends,family,neighbors if u follow following steps.

Step 1:

Open This link in your Browser:    Click Here

Step 2:

After Clicking Above link You will get Following Screen.

 Step: 3

Here You requested to enter the WiFi -login Details
like WiFi Network Details SSID, Password ,Encryption Type etc.
and there are many text and image customization options are there to generate QR code.


Step: 4

Click Submit and Download your QR Code Image. and allow friends to scan that image and Login to your wifi Network


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19 October 2015

Its all about Videography ...

Heyy folks be ready.... Here are some apps to help you apply post-production effects to your videos

1. VivaVideo

                                                Cover art
VivaVideo is one of the best free video editor & video camera apps in Android market. It has over 100 million users all over the world so far and has been featured in Google Play many times, ranked as No.1 free video editor & video maker app in 70+ countries. With VivaVideo, you can easily create your video story and share with your friends & family, transforming everyday moments into works of art as you want.
#VivaVideo V4 Key Features
+ Creative Video Camera Lenses
- Support multi capture options: Basic/Selfie/FX/Funny/Music Video/Collage
- Exclusive selfie camera with seven fascinating lenses
- Use nine funny lenses to play your "prank skills"
- Capture videos especially for Instagram & Vine
+ HOT Photo Slideshow Maker
- The easiest way to turn your photos into movie masterpiece and create video slideshow in several clicks!
+ Unique Video Collage (PIP) Maker
- Merge clips into one story with many awesome & fancy collage templates
+ Powerful Video Editor
- Easy-to-use professional editing tools
- Trim and merge video clips in storyboard editing
- Enhance your videos with various texts, FX, stickers, music, filters, transitions and live dubbing.
- All editing operations can be instant previewed in WYSIWYG way
+ All FREE Materials to Download
- 200+ special effects including Animated Stickers/Themes/Filters/FX/Texts/Transitions
+ Export and Share
- Export your videos to the gallery at any time
- Share your works to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, email and etc

2. VideoShow

                                  Cover art
The best video editor for Android, No Fee, No Watermark, No Time limited!
VideoShow is the best and creative video editor for Android, with 50 million users.
We are trying to build an all-in-one video editor. Text, music, filters, emoji... Everything you need to make an awesome video.
Best of all, Videoshow is no fee, no watermark, no time limited!
Key features:
- Mix photo and video, simply and beautifully.
- Add various item on video. Sticker/Image/Gif/Text are supported. You can easily change the positions and durations.
- Add stunning filters. Now 30 filters are supported!
- Add your favourite music. Even you can record your own voice!
- Material shop. 500+ cute stickers and themes free download!
- Share your video to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, etc.
Exclusive innovation:
- Doodle on video.Bored of the monotonous fonts? Just doodle it! It's so simple and intuitive!
- Zoom in and out. Let your audience focus on the region you want!
ToolBox features:
- Fast trimming: Quickly cut the part of the video.
- Compress video: Just compress the video to a smaller size, then share it!
- Video to Mp3
3. Reverse Movie FX
                                    Cover art
Reverse Movie FX is an app that lets you create a reverse video that looks like a magic trick! First record a video of someone (or you): walking, drinking orange juice, talking or any other idea that comes to your head! After that select a desired movie fragment and press start! The app will reverse your video: you will see people walking backwards, your friend spitting the juice out, people talking backwards!
A few ideas of video reverse:
- item kinetic attraction (you have throw an item)
- tear a sheet of paper
- throwing a sheet of papier to the toilet
- drinking a juice (and spitting it out as a result)
- spilling a juice
- money attracting
- etc.
Reversing options:
- Add music
- reversed + original
- original + reversed
Give it a try, you'll be amazed! You can share the result with your friends of course anywhere you want: facebook, e-mail etc.Create reverse magic video!
4. Trim Your Videos

                                 Cover art
VidTrim is a video editor and organiser for Android. It includes multiple features like trimming, merging, frame grabbing, video effects, extract audio (convert to MP3) and transcoding (compress and convert to MP4). You can also share your videos with your friends directly through the app.
Best Video Editing Application for Android
5. Lapse It

                                     Cover art
Lapse It is an award-winning full featured app for capturing amazing time-lapse and stop motion videos with your Android camera. It is simple, fast and intuitive.
No need for expensive photography equipment, you just need Lapse It.


15 October 2015

1 GB Free Web Hosting with cPanel for one year.

Get 1 GB Free Web Hosting with cPanel for one year

Full control over your website is at your finger tips. With cPanel, you’ve got access to all of the tools you need to maintain your web properties. Business Cloud hosting makes things easier and more accessible

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06 October 2015

03 August 2015

Best Tools For WebDesigners And WebDevelopers


1. Coverr

Coverr helps you develop video designs for your Web page. You can create beautiful video cover page for your website. You can choose from a large library of videos. This library gets updated every Monday. 

2. Stampsy

Stampsy is a story-telling tool for designers. You can create, curate and search visual content for your website. The high-quality content can help you develop a story for a Web page.

3. Dyanmicsjs

Dynamicsjs is a Javascript library that can help you create physics based animations. You can enter the data and create animations, charts and graphs.

4. Macaw

Macaw is a great tool to build responsive websites. You can create interactive design elements using Macaw. It’s as easy as drag-and-drop. 

5. Layzr

Layzr is a modern library for lazy loading. The library helps you boost the speed of your website. It loads images faster than usual. You can use this independent library,free of cost. The source code is publicly available on GitHub.

6. Color Method

Color Method is a fun way to define a colour scheme for elements on your Web page. You can try various combinations and define the elements. This fun tool is of great use for designers. 

7. Tailor

Tailor is a free tool to help users in analyzing tests. The tool simplifies debugging and tests for developers. You can simply paste link to your webpage and Tailor will scan your website.

8. Funnel

Funnel is a useful tool for freelancers and enterprise clients. The tool can help small businesses in closing deals. Funnel simplifies follow-ups with clients. It helps freelance developers and designers in creating efficient work-flow.

9. Intor Bar

Intor bar works highly with the website traffic. The tool analyses different visitors flowing to the website and attracts them in visually appealing manner. You can entice visitors from specific sources with the help of this tool.

10. DeeKit

DeeKit is a real-time white board. You can use this tool to canvas your rough ideas and content. The tool is specially designed for remote teams. You can use the tool to ideate the content for website. 

02 August 2015

Top Web Development Tools -2015

                                                      web development, tools, web development tools, css preprocessors, template engine, html front-end, task runner, minification, complication, unit testing, linting, less, development toolkit, grunt, ghostlab, browsersync.
1. CSS Pre-Processors

CSS has redesigned the front-end Web development for users. The syntax is fairly easy to understand and use. You can use multiple style sheets in your project. It becomes hard to maintain the flow of code in case of a large project, where thousands of CSS lines are written in the style-sheet. CSS pre-processors come in very handy in such situations. These tools help you write CSS with variables and functions. You can compile this program in browse compliant CSS format using these tools. There are a number of CSS pre-processors available online. We recommend to use SassLESS,Stylus and Myth.

2. Template Engine

Creating HTML front-end for websites is fairly simple. You can use multiple HTML pages and create a web portal for a website. Most of web pages have very generic components like Header, Sidebar and Footer. Template engine helps you edit multiple pages at once. You need not do a lot of manual work while editing components across pages. We recommend using KitJade and Handlebars. Template engine has simplified the pain of building a static website.

3. Task Runner

Task Runner is a process to build repetitive content in the website. Task Runners automate a number of processes like Minification, Compilation, Unit Testing, Linting, Concatenating Files and Browser Refreshing. It is very easy to automate specific tasks using Task Runner. You can leverage the features in Task Runner to compile LESS file in CSS. Task Runner helps in streamlining workflow. We recommend using Grunt andGulp

4. Synchronised Testing Tool

Synchronized Testing is an unavoidable process of building a mobile-friendly website. These tools help you test your website on multiple devices. The tool allows you to test your Web page on different formats instantly. It also tests website features like scrolling, clicking, zoom-in across all devices. You can use a popular pluginBrowserSync and Ghostlab for synchronized testing. 

5. Development Toolkit

Development Toolkit is a one-stop shop for all web development tools. It consists of number of tools in one application. We recommend Codekit as it includes LESS, Saas, Kit, Jade, Siml, Uglify, Bower and some other important features. However, Codekit is available exclusively for Mac OS X, We recommend using Prepros for Windows and Koala-app for Linux users. 
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