07 November 2015

Stay Secure on Facebook

Stay Secure on Facebook
Let's look at 3 ways you can make your account even more secure.

1. Log Out of Unused Apps

Review and manage sessions you currently logged In to Facebook
If you notice any unfamiliar devices or locations, click 'End Activity' to end the session.
click Here to Review LogIn
2.Get Login Alerts

you know if your account is logged into from a new device or browser.

Set login Alerts From hereSet LogIn Alerts.

3. Protect Your Password
The strength of your password is more important than how often you change it
Only change your password if these tips could make it stronger:
  • Don't use your Facebook password anywhere else online.
  • Never share your password. You should be the only one who knows it.
  • Avoid including your name or common words. Your password should be difficult to guess
  Click here To change Facebook Passwords : Change Password.

27 October 2015




Click Here For Pahani 


 Click Here For 1-B


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26 October 2015

Create a QR Code For WiFi Login (Android Only)

Hi Folks...Here ,I will show how to create a QR code for WiFi Login.its only works with Android based Mobiles.  if you want to share your WiFi Access to Your Neighbors Just access them to scan QR code instead of forwarding your WiFi Credentials. like SSID, Password,ACCESS PIN etc.This is an easy method to share your WiFi With your friends,family,neighbors if u follow following steps.

Step 1:

Open This link in your Browser:    Click Here

Step 2:

After Clicking Above link You will get Following Screen.

 Step: 3

Here You requested to enter the WiFi -login Details
like WiFi Network Details SSID, Password ,Encryption Type etc.
and there are many text and image customization options are there to generate QR code.


Step: 4

Click Submit and Download your QR Code Image. and allow friends to scan that image and Login to your wifi Network


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23 October 2015

List Of 250+ Programming languages (Sorted Alphabetical Order)

Finally Here is a list of  wide range of programming languages. you can click and check more about programming languages.it is very helpful for computer Science students and Programming learners.
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  1. 4th Dimension/4D 
  2. ABAP
  3. ABC
  4. ActionScript
  5. Ada
  6. Agilent VEE
  7. Algol
  8. Alice
  9. Angelscript
  10. Apex
  11. APL
  12. AppleScript
  13. Arc
  14. Arduino
  15. ASP
  16. AspectJ
  17. Assembly
  18. ATLAS
  19. Augeas
  20. AutoHotkey
  21. AutoIt
  22. AutoLISP
  23. Automator
  24. Avenue
  25. Awk    
  26. Bash
  27. (Visual) Basic
  28. bc
  29. BCPL
  30. BETA
  31. BlitzMax
  32. Boo
  33. Bourne Shell
  34. Bro
  35. C
  36. C Shell
  37. C#
  38. C++
  39. C++/CLI
  40. C-Omega
  41. Caml
  42. Ceylon
  43. CFML
  44. cg
  45. Ch
  46. CHILL
  47. CIL
  48. CL (OS/400)
  49. Clarion
  50. Clean
  51. Clipper
  52. Clojure
  53. CLU
  54. COBOL
  55. Cobra
  56. CoffeeScript
  57. ColdFusion
  58. COMAL
  59. Common Lisp
  60. Coq
  61. cT
  62. Curl
  63. D
  64. Dart
  65. DCL
  66. DCPU-16 ASM
  67. Delphi/Object Pascal
  68. DiBOL
  69. Dylan
  70. E
  71. eC
  72. Ecl
  73. ECMAScript
  74. EGL
  75. Eiffel
  76. Elixir
  77. Emacs Lisp
  78. Erlang
  79. Etoys
  80. Euphoria
  81. EXEC
  82. F#
  83. Factor
  84. Falcon
  85. Fancy
  86. Fantom
  87. Felix
  88. Forth
  89. Fortran
  90. Fortress
  91. (Visual) FoxPro
  92. Gambas
  93. GNU Octave
  94. Go
  95. Google AppsScript
  96. Gosu
  97. Groovy
  98. Haskell
  99. haXe
  100. Heron
  101. HPL
  102. HyperTalk
  103. Icon
  104. IDL
  105. Inform
  106. Informix-4GL
  108. Io
  109. Ioke
  110. J
  111. J#
  112. JADE
  113. Java
  114. Java FX Script
  115. JavaScript
  116. JScript
  117. JScript.NET
  118. Julia
  119. Korn Shell
  120. Kotlin
  121. LabVIEW
  122. Ladder Logic
  123. Lasso
  124. Limbo
  125. Lingo
  126. Lisp
  127. Logo
  128. Logtalk
  129. LotusScript
  130. LPC
  131. Lua
  132. Lustre
  133. M4
  134. MAD
  135. Magic
  136. Magik
  137. Malbolge
  138. MANTIS
  139. Maple
  140. Mathematica
  141. MATLAB
  142. Max/MSP
  143. MAXScript
  144. MEL
  145. Mercury
  146. Mirah
  147. Miva
  148. ML
  149. Monkey
  150. Modula-2
  151. Modula-3
  152. MOO
  153. Moto
  154. MS-DOS Batch
  155. MUMPS
  156. NATURAL
  157. Nemerle
  158. Nimrod
  159. NQC
  160. NSIS
  161. Nu
  162. NXT-G
  163. Oberon
  164. Object Rexx
  165. Objective-C
  166. Objective-J
  167. OCaml
  168. Occam
  169. ooc
  170. Opa
  171. OpenCL
  172. OpenEdge ABL
  173. OPL
  174. Oz
  175. Paradox
  176. Parrot
  177. Pascal
  178. Perl
  179. PHP
  180. Pike
  181. PILOT
  182. PL/I
  183. PL/SQL
  184. Pliant
  185. PostScript
  186. POV-Ray
  187. PowerBasic
  188. PowerScript
  189. PowerShell
  190. Processing
  191. Prolog
  192. Puppet
  193. Pure Data
  194. Python
  195. Q
  196. R
  197. Racket
  198. REALBasic
  199. REBOL
  200. Revolution
  201. REXX
  202. RPG (OS/400)
  203. Ruby
  204. Rust
  205. S
  206. S-PLUS
  207. SAS
  208. Sather
  209. Scala
  210. Scheme
  211. Scilab
  212. Scratch
  213. sed
  214. Seed7
  215. Self
  216. Shell
  217. SIGNAL
  218. Simula
  219. Simulink
  220. Slate
  221. Smalltalk
  222. Smarty
  223. SPARK
  224. SPSS
  225. SQR
  226. Squeak
  227. Squirrel
  228. Standard ML
  229. Suneido
  230. SuperCollider
  231. TACL
  232. Tcl
  233. Tex
  234. thinBasic
  235. TOM
  236. Transact-SQL
  237. Turing
  238. TypeScript
  239. Vala/Genie
  240. VBScript
  241. Verilog
  242. VHDL
  243. VimL
  244. Visual Basic .NET
  245. WebDNA
  246. Whitespace
  247. X10
  248. xBase
  249. XBase++
  250. Xen
  251. XPL
  252. XSLT
  253. XQuery
  254. yacc
  255. Yorick
  256. Z shell

19 October 2015

Its all about Videography ...

Heyy folks be ready.... Here are some apps to help you apply post-production effects to your videos

1. VivaVideo

                                                Cover art
VivaVideo is one of the best free video editor & video camera apps in Android market. It has over 100 million users all over the world so far and has been featured in Google Play many times, ranked as No.1 free video editor & video maker app in 70+ countries. With VivaVideo, you can easily create your video story and share with your friends & family, transforming everyday moments into works of art as you want.
#VivaVideo V4 Key Features
+ Creative Video Camera Lenses
- Support multi capture options: Basic/Selfie/FX/Funny/Music Video/Collage
- Exclusive selfie camera with seven fascinating lenses
- Use nine funny lenses to play your "prank skills"
- Capture videos especially for Instagram & Vine
+ HOT Photo Slideshow Maker
- The easiest way to turn your photos into movie masterpiece and create video slideshow in several clicks!
+ Unique Video Collage (PIP) Maker
- Merge clips into one story with many awesome & fancy collage templates
+ Powerful Video Editor
- Easy-to-use professional editing tools
- Trim and merge video clips in storyboard editing
- Enhance your videos with various texts, FX, stickers, music, filters, transitions and live dubbing.
- All editing operations can be instant previewed in WYSIWYG way
+ All FREE Materials to Download
- 200+ special effects including Animated Stickers/Themes/Filters/FX/Texts/Transitions
+ Export and Share
- Export your videos to the gallery at any time
- Share your works to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, email and etc

2. VideoShow

                                  Cover art
The best video editor for Android, No Fee, No Watermark, No Time limited!
VideoShow is the best and creative video editor for Android, with 50 million users.
We are trying to build an all-in-one video editor. Text, music, filters, emoji... Everything you need to make an awesome video.
Best of all, Videoshow is no fee, no watermark, no time limited!
Key features:
- Mix photo and video, simply and beautifully.
- Add various item on video. Sticker/Image/Gif/Text are supported. You can easily change the positions and durations.
- Add stunning filters. Now 30 filters are supported!
- Add your favourite music. Even you can record your own voice!
- Material shop. 500+ cute stickers and themes free download!
- Share your video to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, etc.
Exclusive innovation:
- Doodle on video.Bored of the monotonous fonts? Just doodle it! It's so simple and intuitive!
- Zoom in and out. Let your audience focus on the region you want!
ToolBox features:
- Fast trimming: Quickly cut the part of the video.
- Compress video: Just compress the video to a smaller size, then share it!
- Video to Mp3
3. Reverse Movie FX
                                    Cover art
Reverse Movie FX is an app that lets you create a reverse video that looks like a magic trick! First record a video of someone (or you): walking, drinking orange juice, talking or any other idea that comes to your head! After that select a desired movie fragment and press start! The app will reverse your video: you will see people walking backwards, your friend spitting the juice out, people talking backwards!
A few ideas of video reverse:
- item kinetic attraction (you have throw an item)
- tear a sheet of paper
- throwing a sheet of papier to the toilet
- drinking a juice (and spitting it out as a result)
- spilling a juice
- money attracting
- etc.
Reversing options:
- Add music
- reversed + original
- original + reversed
Give it a try, you'll be amazed! You can share the result with your friends of course anywhere you want: facebook, e-mail etc.Create reverse magic video!
4. Trim Your Videos

                                 Cover art
VidTrim is a video editor and organiser for Android. It includes multiple features like trimming, merging, frame grabbing, video effects, extract audio (convert to MP3) and transcoding (compress and convert to MP4). You can also share your videos with your friends directly through the app.
Best Video Editing Application for Android
5. Lapse It

                                     Cover art
Lapse It is an award-winning full featured app for capturing amazing time-lapse and stop motion videos with your Android camera. It is simple, fast and intuitive.
No need for expensive photography equipment, you just need Lapse It.

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